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tv   [untitled]    November 13, 2012 7:30am-8:00am PST

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admonished. and then finally, in the fifth case was for neglect of duty and conduct reflecting discredit and an officer used profane also failed to issue a certificate of release afteró#÷i6e;% handcuffing and releasing theo)bzol complainant. the officer receivedé+(jrxñ a written reprimand and that concludes my report. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> did we receive any occ complaints after the world series parade? was there an unusual amount? >> there was not an unusual amount. and i can reportw3 back to you specifically. i was not made aware of any specific cases withy regard to the-@ç(x)0d parade. but i canq report back to you at ourqldpfwn next police commission meeting to let you know. >> thank you. commissioners anything for director hicks? hearing none, please call line
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item 3(c) commission reports. >> commission reports, discussion commission president's report and commissioner's report. >> thank you. i just want to report with reference to the world seriesó1urdhf= celebration and the parade we talked about earlier i saw in the paper a photograph of what iqtñ?ñ? see is great restraint. there is one of our officerscnñ?ñ?ñ who had the backs of firefighters who wasljómñ fighting a fire, a woman in his face a bottle in one hand flipping the middle finger and screaming at him. for training purposes it was a photo most people saw it said what an impressive job and thank everybody for training officers to do that. it was very impressive. i want/ %0ép to thank whoever that officer is. he represented usp m$6: well.> w┐ih did. we had 11 laterals graduated and they were assigned to is]u&aíy believe
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bayview mission. >> those are police officers that came from other agencies. we have a grant. we were able to +ñ hire i think some were from oakland san josé. >> ñ?ñ? yeah. hercules gave us twoñ rááf which is a bit of an anomaly but they're great officers. >> as wen?p]p/ also move into this meeting we hired 11 laterals but we lost two good officers in the last three%m kevins. we losttc]w÷h person. he gave is heart and soul to protect the officers and the public. he walked a beat on 6th street
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and working with officers who had matters before this commission and bargaining on their behalf. they walked into the sunset in retirement and it wouldzo unfair not to mention both of them. >> they would a/ >>ok commissioner kingsley. >> commissioner kingsley: i thought october is ahey month and that this would be a good time to do a ride-along and be out on the streets with?uugç?[xan officer and get the feel for the busy city that it>fég3l0 is. and so thee halloween, i went on a ride-along in northern district. well, it turns out that evenings
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so it turned out toxrtí+dç be a rather quiet. but still, his a very informative experience. i toured the station beforeg# the ride-along didle=sp roll call and for that";,pihd c.e/og lt. darrylb fong was in charge thatyq1o>ñ4e night.xd sgt. jesus pena did theo;(o.hñ ride-along. i rode in his car. and had a spontaneous tour ofnkilzj4q ythe emergency call center on turk street. which turned out to be very enlightening to see howbb c.a.d. center works firsthand. that turned out to be terrific and lori stern, the operations manager there, took considerable time to go through the details of that operation. and i commissioners that haven't
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experienced that yet. there are two things that i kind of came away with i'd like tõ éa' share with the other commissioners. one is the challenges of the northern policing district. it's very -- av[4óvpv very diverse district, but very dense in 7wy population. itú)5y5ibxv includes the western district and public housing there but also the high rises in the russian hill area,2=jnrd the mansions in pacific heights, and+7of lot of activities and22ñ celebrations in the city. and then of courseg&ç6 jx there's the marina. so there's quite a bit of demand, you9gtg'g9 on our officers here. and apparently a lot of calls.ñ notwithstanding this particular night. the other things that struck me
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wíp+qe notwithstanding the challenges of this area is that there is aws [x challenge of staffing there. during roll call, where you would ordinarily expect to see perhaps two o6ios?gj for each car that's going out all but one car only had one officer going out. so they -- you know, as -- they're not alone but they are experiencing staffing challenges&=m7opv] there. notwithstanding&t&sqs that you couldn't really tell because everything was very professionally and efficiently organized with the staffing that was there. and very much under control. and well done. so i am very appreciative to captain mannix and lt. fong sgt. pena and lore lori stern for a terrific night at northern.
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>>to extra body that night too. >>).mstoo. >> commissioner kingsley: i brought them good luck perhaps. >> vice president marshall: i want to thank the chief and fellowd=yg $nujá attended the celebration of the 25th anniversarynkkív+ october 25 25 second world series game. i wanted to say at its very heart, omega is a balanced prevention agency. that's what we're about. some of the kids said chief king. and they know my fellow commissioner. so for you to say thank you to them for being part of the solution not part of thehym@&y problem, they appreciatehqs;f3d6 iñxbelieve commissioner loftus was there. >> i wanted to be there. >> vice president marshall: commissioner dejesus an??b?w kingsley. thank you foré31ú6 being there. >> it was a wonderful event.
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>> it was a treat to be there. the speaker was martin luther king's speech writer who helped him write the i have a dream#g speech. it was a wonderful $ué5l-e6 so thank you. >> thank you. anything further? announcements and scheduling of items identified forgb>çñp] consideration, at future commission meetings. commissioners, anything you would like to add? we have a packed agenda coming up in the future with big) á h items on there. what do we have for%i$or9 next week which is the second tuesday of the'÷ jx >> while you're looking at that maybe i can ask myw3 fellow commissioners we're working on the agenda for december 59x6
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>> commissioner, of course you will havelaitçx +e8í/o domestic violence on the agenda. >> it will be on the agenda. >> so far, only the[8/z:ñ albert taylor update and that's commissioner kingsley's. so i was going to ask you if you wantedrh)muñ to appear -- or#ór*y did you just want and update from him? >> i think givenpñ age, probably i'd like to ask for him to appear so1ógf loç i think an update will be fine. >> that's fine. yes, absolutely. >> another commissioner may be preoccupied next week with a lyéix bigmjj+runq >> i'm sorry that isn't scheduledd.gx÷b8v for next week, isñr it? >> we haven't scheduled but he's up in 90 days. >> ask i@u"%$u ask, december 5, did you say that was -- >> yes, meeting with the commission on the status of women. >> did i read correctly, we had eñ> that's right. thank you for catching that. >> can't do both that day. >> no. we'll reschedule the hearing.
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>> okay. >> thank you. >> ordinarily dark on the second wednesday of the month and there was talk about having thatåe wednesday, we'd use it because we're going to lose the wednesday forhjwmç thanksgiving. but i suggest maybe we should go dark that second wednesday. >> i can't be here because i thought we were going to be dark and i'm going to boston. >> we will be dark next [u6kl wednesday. >> we didn't have any big items. >> great. commissioners, anything else you would likeem÷l to add to line item 3(d)? yes. >> one announcement. we're going to be in the district thisax z e month also, commissioner. police commission will be holding a special meeting this month ataénv[áeq a location other than city hall. the commission will meet in thíp middle school 460 arguello, here in san francisco wednesday november( comments from the public@s]#=qlv and richmond station captain concerning public protection issues.
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>> thanks very much, inspector. is there any public comment regarding line items a3bcor d. hearing none public comment is closed. pleas5 >> discussion and possible action to appoint moises romero as to patrolc' special officer calvin wily or take other action regarding request for appointment action. >> before moving to the next three matters which are the appointment of assistant patrol officers thexd commissioners you have in your packet the background of these officers. and before -- i have to let you know a lot ofok the information isb/ia privileged. there was discussion as to what we could actually see before we make the decision as to hiringoé÷ authority for assistant patrol specials. so if we could sort of discuss this if you would like. we can see in the packets the been reviewed byw san francisco police department and they've been approved. but we cannot discuss any
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specifics. a lot of it has been redacted because social security numbers, bank account numbers, addresses, phone numbers, important inf+ we cannot discuss that on the record because it's privileged and confidential and -- attorney last night also provided me with a( ] cautioning us on releasing this information. soñ any information the commissioners have regarding firstt ç applicant david randall -- >> you said they have been approved already by4i:9t the department is that correct? >> hector who is presentr$@a tonight sgt. would you like to come forward. >> good evening. the backgrounds have been thoroughly reviewed and they've been approved byw3 the department. the background investigations, to review the packets, to make sure everything was in there, and they the2z &jñ backgrounds are favorable f&eñ>uá there's nothing inbb(15i there. >> let me ask further.
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i don't know if this is aw3pb2xhpwn process -- does that mean recommending them? >> well that's -- >> or areoewe -- i don't remember us doing this before. >> i think you're recommending them. >> are you actually recommending them? >> the backgrounds are favorable and the department is recommending them for appointment based on your final decision. >> i know we have the:plt decision but it's different than saying you're recommending them. >> their backgrounds are fine. >> i think that's what he's &,+sq6ñ but i'm saying... thank you. >> okay. >> commissioner chin has a question for+÷/3 the city >> commissioner chan: so i reviewed all of the applications. i did have some concerns about -- do i just not publicly state those concerns and vote based on thosed
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>> -- general high level, discussion about the topics of the concerns, but the records'#k6kw themselves are exempt from production as well as information in the records. so there shouldn't be detailed discussion of the/%u 3ñz content of the records here in this public forum. so if you feel that you can't get ajdw % discussion or back sponsoring patrol special officer or the assistant applicant, themselves, it may be that you'll need to make a decision based on7#h:ñ the records that you've been able to review, and ifd+ is against the appointment, that's going to be your decision. >> commissioner chan: thank yousmb(ç/8ç. >> president mazzucco: fisher kingsley. >> commisaeñ?ñ?>q3 kvñioner kingsley: there are just a couple of us that have questions that are specific to this. the voted ?ñ? for that particular applicant, and then seek the
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information -- because i'd hate to vote no on an applicant without allowing the opportunity to provideññ> i think that would bey em fine. certainly the commission could vote to continue it upon the request of a commissioner, or the vote of the body. if the packet, youipfiugk feel, isn't complete, or if there are questions that you would like additional information submitted for review and consideration, there would be no problemu! with that. >> commissioner kingsley: tha$oñyño@v you. >> i have a question that i think i can ask. for addressing all threettí the -- okay. we'll÷h0k-q wait. i'llqi >> so are there any questions or
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recommendations regarding possible action item tokf-o 5ld appoint moises romero as assistant patrol special officer to the beat of special officer calvin1wkzç[hl(iñ[ó/x wily? >> i request that we put this over2m >> commissioners. >>gx &$ i requestj up at another time to allow for some questions to be addressed. >> on -- >>q ”ö application. >> and i would agree. i'm more interested in given some things that i've read here,n4se the department is recommending him so, i just would like to know some more, and in-gf to make a decision absent that and seems we can't do that now. that's why i would concur with my fellow commissioner. >> what i will do at this point in0: >> i mean i think it's appropriate if the department
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cant-:dázé explain the factors that were reviewed, and the basis for the recommendation& appointment without getting into any of the specific details. that certainly would not be a problem. >> that's my question. even if we postpone this how are we going>>/qp to ask the relevant questions that we need to ask. >> if commissioner have specific questions on a packet they can submit that to5y;÷$ñç sgt. justino who can follow up with the sponsoring special patrol officer that can get answers h and those will be included in the supplemental packet for the commission that would be subject to the same rules as far as they would bekníxz! non-public record but that may be a way in which the commission can request supplemental information and get answers to the questions that the commissioners have. >> that soundg. ó]é8 fine? >> that sounds perfect. >> vice president marshall: maybe at that time, rather than hear from the department n can hear from the department then about that particular person. okay. >> so we'll do at this point in time in light there is-$- [k a motion to take this matter off calendar, do i have a second?
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>> second. >> all in favor. >> ayes. >> line item 5 please. >>!i+6pnd take public comment on thisdy$zb< item. >> public comment regard thanksgiving item? hearing none, please call line item 5. >> line item 5, discussion and possible action to appoint david randall cabrera asnd patrol special officer to patrol&jlgrv special officer scott heart or take other action regarding request for appointment. action. >> you have this packet in this application. are there any questions? regarding this appointment? mr. david randall cabrera please come forward. come forward with the scott hart, who is recommending yoåç thank you. commissioners, do we have any
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application. hearing none, public comment's now closed. commissioners do i have a motion? >> i would move to accept the application. >> do i have a second? >> second. >> all in favor. >> ayes. >> congratuljyyíh@&c @&c"p% >> thank you. 6d28 >> line item 6, his discussion and possible action t┌4 ñ appoint edward jim asçó assistant patrol special officer to patrol special officer cot hart or to take other action regarding action. >> do you have anyhés ç questions regardings ç mr. edward yim's application. >> i have some questions. there's one that i will ask off line and one i think ixd can ask on line. on the cover packet, on the cover letter to the packet looks like it's signed by the lieutenant, says was -- does not meet requirements frr peace officer standardszlñ?ñ? and training guidelines. i wanted to ask about that.
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>> maybe the lieutenant can answer that question or the sergeant. approximate. > investigation was resubmittedand some of the information that was missing was provided to me that's why i put it through for recommendation. >> this letter is moot. >> yeah. >>s%(!z and then i#ncñj= think that's significant enough to wait to postpone this and then we can direct our questions off line. >> do we have public comment or comment from the sponsoring patrol special or the applicant regarding this? hearing none, public comment's now closed. do i have a motion to continue this matter? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor. >> ayes. >> this+qvsz matter will be continued until we can have that one questionp q$gv answered. >> is there a processcpñ?ñ in place so the question will get to the department and to the people and
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we can get it back and get it back on calendar? because -- >> the thing is i know they wait a long time to get up here and sometimes -- a year and a k x, half. so i don't think we should just throw it off calendar without having a process. >> well you should set a date for usyik#y[nu to get the questions to the department. we really should do that. >> yes. submit your questions through inspectoráz >> put it on the calendar the next time we meet nhméuñ- 28 is the next time -- >> that was put on the calendar for november 28, our next date. >> the committee meeting? >> if we compor# handle this -- >> it/zn$ >> we need to get these officers -- >> do you have a7!!t 3"2ígk[2 >> she has another question too. >> thank you very much. please call line item 7. >> line item 7, public comment on all matters pertaining to
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item 9 below, closed session, including publicófsa comment on vote whether to hold item 9 in closed session. >> a public comment regarding our closed session matter dealing with litigation with the city, and disciplinary matters. hearing none, public comment is now90céá >> vote on whetherwéñ?ñ? to hold item 9 in closed session whether to assert the attorney-client privilege with regardñr to item #, a san francisco administrative code ÷@÷ñ section 67.10. action. >> have a motion. >> -- >> second. >> all in favor. >> ayes. >> thank you very much. >> regarding our matters. >> not to stloas.
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>> ayes. >> please callwz%÷"#$ i think we'd like to adjourn in honor ofav chief kevin cashman and association vice president officer kevin martin. >> who would be -- likeegtn.÷ to join me and the rest of the san francisco police departmenté:r wishing commissioner chen the best next week. >>!u >> ññ?ñ? in her impending wedding, her nuptials. >>+.l congratulations. >> line item >> by a motion. >> move to adjourn. >> all in favor? >> ayes. >>?ñ?ñ thank you very much, evíylfeú]> @&c @&c"p% good luck.
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>> feel like it really is a community. they are not the same thing but it really does feel like there's that kind of a five. everybody is there to enjoy a literary reading. >> the best lit in san francisco. friendly, free and you might get fed. ♪ [applause] >> this san francisco ryther created the radar reading series in 2003. she was inspired when she first moved to this city in the early 1990's and discover the wild west atmosphere of open mi it's
7:55 am
ic in the mission. >> although there were these open mics every night of the week, they were super macho. people writing poems about being jerks. beatty their chest onstage. >> she was energized by the scene and proved up with other girls who wanted their voices to be heard. touring the country and sharing gen-x 7 as a. her mainstream reputation grew with her novel. theses san francisco public library took notice and asked her if she would begin carrying a monthly reading series based on her community. >> a lot of the raiders that i work with our like underground writers.
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they're just coming at publishing and at being a writer from this underground way. coming in to the library is awesome. very good for the library to show this writing community that they are welcome. at first, people were like, you want me to read at the library, really? things like that. >> as a documentary, there are interviews -- [inaudible] >> radar readings are focused on clear culture. strayed all others might write about gay authors. gay authors might write about universal experiences. the host creates a welcoming environment for everybody. there is no cultural barrier to entry. >> the demographic of people who
7:57 am
come will match the demographic of the reader. it is very simple. if we want more people of color, you book more people of color. you want more women, your book more women. kind of like that. it gets mixed up a little bit. in general, we kind of have a core group of people who come every month. their ages and very. we definitely have some folks who are straight. >> the loyal audience has allowed michelle to take more chances with the monthly lineup. established authors bring in an older audience. younker authors bring in their friends from the community who might be bringing in an older author. >> raider has provided a stage for more than 400 writers.
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it ranges from fiction to academics stories to academic stories this service the underground of queer fell, history, or culture. >> and there are so many different literary circles in san francisco. i have been programming this reading series for nine years. and i still have a huge list on my computer of people i need to carry into this. >> the supportive audience has allowed michele to try new experiment this year, the radar book club. a deep explorationer of a single work. after the talk she bounces on stage to jump-start the q&a. less charlie rose and more carson daly. >> san francisco is consistently ranked as one of the most
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literate cities in the united states. multiple reading events are happening every night of the year competing against a big names like city arts and lectures. radar was voted the winner of these san francisco contest. after two decades of working for free michelle is able to make radar her full-time job. >> i am a right to myself, but i feel like my work in this world is eagerly to bring writers together and to produce literary events. if i was only doing my own work, i would not be happy. it is, like throwing a party or a dinner party. i can match that person with that person. it is really fun for me. it is nerve wracking during the actual readings. i hope everyone is good. i hope the audience likes them. i hope everybody shows up. but everything works out. at the end of the reading,